{ Video } What Does Epic Sex Look Like?

If you ever saw me having sex, chances are you may think I look a little…weird.

Depending on what is happening for me in that particular moment, I’d be willing to bet you’d see me doing some or all of these things:

Making all kinds of noises from deep guttural moaning to high pitched humming and everything in between


Breathing loudly

Hardly moving, eyes shut and silent

Crying (not from pain but as a release)

Tapping my forehead (it reminds me to bring my energy up through my entire body)

Sprawled open in complete surrender muttering inaudible wisdom

Starting and then stopping half way through because my body has just given me a NO

Arms outreached to the sky, looking like I’m on LSD and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

I could go on but I reckon you get the picture. The point is, the way I have sex is a lot different to what we see in the movies or in porn. It’s a far cry from the photoshopped perfection of a lusty busty woman throwing her head back in ecstasy murmuring the words “Oh Baby, yesss!”

Sex is for me is messy. It’s emotional. It’s earthy, primal, sweet, scary, safe, healing, transformative. It’s ever changing. It’s tears and rage. Hunger and devotion. It’s transcendence and unity all at once. It’s fucking life.

Could I experience sex this way if I worried what I looked like? If I stayed stuck in the idea that sex needs to look a certain way. If I was concerned what  ‘positions’ looked sexy, pretty, attractive?

Hell No.

All that expectation, pressure and judgment takes something so personal and turns it into a performance. Sex becomes a show. It becomes less about how you feel and all about how you look. It strips away authenticity and pleasure. And it dulls out the reasons why so many of us have sex in the first place: Connection, expression, transcendence.

Click on the image below for few ways you can become more ‘real’ in the bedroom.  To unleash and unlock and to tap into that innate sexual mama inside of you that is just begging to come out! It will transform your life, I promise you!







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