{ Video } Busting Body Shame

Recently I asked our awesome community what their biggest hurdle was when it came to experiencing epic sex. I literally had hundreds and hundreds of responses.

And the not so surprising result was….

85% of women mentioned body shame as their primary challenge.

Although it totally sucks that so many of us aren’t digging the skin we’re in, I can’t say I’m shocked.  We live in a culture that encourages us to criticise ourselves and punishes us if we praise ourselves. We’re fed unrealistic beauty ideals every single day and we’re trained to compete and compare.

No woman is born hating her body. She doesn’t come out of the womb telling her mum her thighs are fat. She learnt that. She got force fed a bunch of BS about how a woman ‘should’ look in order to be worthy, sexy and attractive.

We fight to mould ourselves into perfection even when the perception of that perfection isn’t even ours to begin with. It’s madness!

And I know this story well…

In my early twenties, I  battled with disordered eating ( bulimia ) for over 5 years. For a long time, I was at war with my body, forcing it to conform to what I saw in magazines, movies and online. I would restrict my food intake only to grow ravenously hungry, spiral into mood swings, binge eat and then purge. My body was a battlefield, food was the enemy and my entire life became consumed with how I was going to destroy the target and get size 2 thighs. All I thought about was how to get food out of my body.

Bulimia is a right pain in the arse and a total killjoy. It affected my relationships, my ability to have fun, my stress levels, my health, everything!

And here’s the kicker…

The thinner I got, the more unhappier I became!

Turns out happiness isn’t dependent on your dress size. Weighing less doesn’t promise relationship bliss, or out-of-this-world orgasms. Being thin won’t guarantee AN AWESOME LIFE!

Of course, most of us already know this. But do we, deep down, really truly believe that our right to feel sexy, seen, lovable and worthy is NOT measured by the number on our bathroom scales, the lines on our skin, the size of our breasts or the wobbly bits that are…anywhere?

You’ll notice in the video below that I’m pretty passionate about this whole body love business. Not only because of my own personal experience, but because I see the consequences of body shame every day in my work with women. And it needs to stop.

Click the image below to watch my video on Body Shame  and learn 4 actions you can take right now to bust on through it!




I’d love to hear from YOU! Help inspire other women to lean a little further into self-love each day by sharing with us in the comments below how you show your body love and acceptance.

ALL the love in the world to you

Tara x




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