So what is SEXY?!

Hi There Sweet Treats!

You can probably tell by now, I”m all about the sexy. There is nothing I love more than helping women embody their authentic sexy creature that resides but sometimes hides in all of us

But what does “sexy” even mean and why do I keep banging on about it!?

Well, i’mma gunna tell you

But first, let’s get one thing super clear, my definition of “sexy” is NOT about pouts, peroxide and perky breasts.  It also has zilch to do with sex. In fact, whether you’re sexually active or not, has ZERO impact on your sexy woman status.

(Just for the record I would really like to take a blowtorch to these ridiculous misconceptions and stereotypes and disintegrate the bejesus outta them. They”re ridiculous, damaging and just plain insulting)

What I dig in a lady, is a little online casino deeper than that because REAL sexiness, ignites a woman from the inside

It isn’t about how she looks, but how she feels. It isn”t what she wears, but how she loves


She treats herself with tenderness and compassion

A ‘sexy’ woman is strong and powerful in her femininity and the innate sensuality she feels deep within her core. A seeker of pleasure, wisdom and truth. She respects and trusts herself enough to follow her instincts and listen to her intuition.

She is at home within her body, and takes the time to nurture, celebrate and explore it

A sexy woman is magnetic, she draws people to her and always leaves them a little better than when she met them. She radiates genuine love so tangible she glows

Watch below to see my full definition of a sexy, empowered woman. And share it round to all your lady loves who you believe embody a beautiful and sexy sense of self!


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