Video: Getting Started With Your Jade Egg

When did you last spend time connecting with your sensual organs? When did you last send love and attention down there, drawing your awareness to the feelings and sensations created within a place so many of us feel cut off from?

Most of us have never learnt how to connect authentically to this intimate and important part of ourselves. We’re no longer taught through elders or tribal traditions how to harness our feminine energies, instincts and intuition by exploring and embracing our sex region. We’re on our own to navigate our bodies and the magic that is held within our sexual centres has long been forgotten. It isn’t any wonder why we feel so distant, separated and removed from our lady parts!

Want the good news?

Your feeling can be restored, your pain reversed and your sensual energy released !

By practising with a Jade Egg you can learn to become aware of your sexual tissues once again. You will open to sensations, release energy that has remained stagnant, unmoving and learn to draw up it for increased creativity and vitality! BLISS!

You will also connect deeply to the truth of you, as a powerful sensual woman. Tap into your intuition and your bodies capacity for healing. Nourish your sex centre and give yourself permission for more pleasure and less pain.

Below is a video to get you started on your Jade Egg Journey. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated with new egg-cersises as I release them!

Don’t have your egg yet? No problem, get yours here: Jade Egg

Get started with your Jade Egg by watching the vid below!!


Sending you so much love

Tara x


One comment on “Video: Getting Started With Your Jade Egg”

  1. Karen
    July 19, 2024 at 4:08 pm

    I know that women use a tennis ball to make their pelvic base strong. But this kind of an egg exists, has actually surprised me.

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