Are You Spiritually Intolerant ?

Is Spirituality just a bit too “woo woo” for you?

There are two types of people it seems to me. Those of us who love to slurp from the spiritual pot and those who feel a little queasy at the faintest whiff of a little soul food or yoga sweat.

And whilst I’m obviously a loud and proud spiritual gal myself,  I kinda understand where our ‘spiritual intolerant’ mates are coming from.

We Spirit-ista”s can (at times) come off… well, a little cheesy. Yes, I hate to admit it, but even I find the constant positivity that drenches New Age-y spirituality a little hard to take sometimes, from the Facebook gurus who fill our feeds with inspo and #gratitude for everything, to the insta photos of sunrises. You could easily be confused that spiritual peeps are living on beaches and blissed out 24/7. And perhaps some of us are (and thats totes groovy), but mostly it”s because there is a misconception floating around that to be a “spiritual person” you must be/or appear to be, redonkously happy all the freaking time.

But baby, that just ain”t the truth! Spirituality isn”t about being anything or anyway at any particular time. True, integrating spirituality into your life will no doubt cause happiness and moments of bliss, but it will also tear you down, kick your butt, and leave you in a sobbing bloody mess.

Spirituality isn”t a one size fits all, rulebook to life. It’s not a dogma or a particular religion. It”s not about questionable hygiene, second hand clothes or feeling up the nearest tree. Spirituality isn”t only reserved for people who have taken a secret oath to rise above the restrictions of regular society and choose to live outside the lines (or in large hairy communities with barefoot children who have unidentified fathers). It”s not just for yogis or monks, nuns or hipsters. It”s important for everyone, yep even you!

So what is spiritually really?

Personally, I reckon it’s a practise, an attitude, a kind of state of being. It’s deeply personal and hugely profound way of looking at the world around you. It”s your innie world that impacts your outtie reality.

Spirituality: Relating to or affecting the human spirt or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

So what affects us internally which can”t be be seen, brought, or stolen, like a bargain ASOS dress,  but more about that inside stuff e.g. love, connection, gratitude.

Being a spiritual person means you value those feelings, over anything else. It’s the place you chose to live your life from. Your internal life comes first. You value connection, creation, compassion, chuckles and other C’s words that highlight my point.

But I’m no spiritual Guru here and I often have my own doubts of what my spiritual report card would say: “Could do better if applies herself more” “Frequently tardy” ( and tarty) “Forgets her homework often” All true, because spirituality isn”t easy, it requires practise, commitment, learning and work. Actual work that includes conscious choice making and active participation in your own journey.

And I’m learning.

Taking nibbles, chucks, and mouthfuls of what resonates, excites, and challenges me and leaving the rest. I love to explore the spiritual buffet, but will I implement every philosophy, teaching, ritual or practice into my life.. nope. Do I still respect every single interpretation, strand and sprinkle of spirituality, you bet ya online casino cupcake butt I do!

To me, spirituality is a perception shift. A lunge towards love, towards something greater than me. A connection, a feeling, a way of integrating into the world. Less resistance and more flow kinda thing.

It’s what I reach for when life really kicks my arse and I’m laying on the floor drowning in a flood of my own tears and McDonalds wrappers. The belief that I have it inside of me to get up, pull my hair into a messy ponytail and face the world again. A knowing  that the universe isn”t conspiring against me, but that it actually has my back and whilst there will be inevitable dark days and lonely nights, I’ll will see the magic in all of it again.

I also believe in actually doing the ‘work’ that is nessacary to bring myself into more peace, love and sexiness when society is trying to pull me out of it. Finding the teachers, attending the workshops, rolling around in the philosophies of different ways of being and generally giving my every day belief system a regular shake up. It’s not about cutesy meme’s and inspiring quotes but actually finding the tools to help me on my path to one big life orgy of love.

But that”s me. And  I don’t mind if it”s not your taste, (in fact I”d prefer if it was different, we could compare notes, throw away  the cookie cutter and stir shit up!) As long as you find a flavour that suits you. It can be as simple and “under the radar” as you like, or as big and “out there” as you dare!

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