The Number One Secret To Better Sex!

So, I have a secret

Actually more a secret weapon

A secret sex weapon that has the power to turn good sex into great sex! One that promotes sensitivity, connection and awareness in your lady parts. A tool to awaken sexual energy and increase your orgasmic potential. Oh yes! This little gem is all sorts of ahhh-mazing.

Drum roll please…

Introducing the JADE EGG

What is a Jade Egg!?

Invented in China, the Jade Egg has been used for 5000 years to help women fully step into their sensual self and their orgasmic bliss, heal and strengthen their sexual organs, while also helping them to stir and awaken their sexual energy creating heaps of physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits.

Every woman on the planet should own a jade egg. The benefits are THAT amazing’ Jen 29

Natural, smooth and shaped like a small egg, the Jade stone has long been revered as the ‘stone of heaven’ and is used to of healing energy and helps to irradiate negative thoughts and energy. It”s also calming for the nervous system. Jade is also non-porous, making it super hygienic.

“The Jade Egg for me is about connection. Connection with self, deep inner exploration and insight. It also allows me to connect deeper with my partner, I can now sense the subtleties of our love making’ Georgie 32

Sounds pretty great, right?

It is!

The Jade Egg will revolutionise your relationship to your sensual self. Practising the eggs-cersises or even just holding the egg within you whilst you go about your normal routine, is a beautiful way to increase the connection and awareness you have towards your feminine organs.  By learning to become really present to them, you will begin to feel the subtleties within your vagina, opening you up to more pleasure. And that, my beautiful, will have you well on the way to great sex!

Ready for better sex?

Get your Jade Egg HERE

Want to know even more?

Click on the video below to learn more about this fab little baby!



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So much love!

Tara xx


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