I Never Said It Would Be Easy…But Do It Anyway

Hi Lady

How scary can change be?!

Sometimes letting go of negative or non serving behaviours can be freakin frightening! It can bring up bucket loads of stuff and sometimes it feels like it’s just too much trouble for what it’s worth. I totally get it.

Growth is never easy!

It requires commitment and a lot of courage. All that honest self inquiry and reflection stuff can make you feel raw, exposed and bring up all those pesky (actually amazingly human) vulnerabilities that ALL of us have.

But trust me when I tell you. It’s SO worth it.

Taking small steps daily to improve the connection you have with yourself will drastically change your life! FACT!

Yeah it will totally push you out of your comfort zone and challenge your behaviours, but it will also shift your perceptions and expand your capacity for greater love and juicy pleasure. Pretty soon your universe will shift and change and you will create the life you have always wanted – from the inside out. Who doesn’t want that!!

Check out this weeks video on ‘being gentle on yourself’ and leave the community a comment about your positive change makin, self loving journey!

My Commitment to LOVE Letter

Hi Self,

Woah! What a roller coaster we have been on eh?! What a ride. We have been through our fair share of bad times haven’t we?

Remember when I wouldn’t let you eat for three days because I thought we were ugly?!

I want to say I’m really sorry for not caring casino online about you enough. For not listening to what you need and ignoring all those beautiful things casino pa natet you allow me to do Every. Single. Day.

It’s because of you, I get to enjoy this amazing life and I’m incredibly THANKFUL for that.

From now on things are online casino going to change around here! I’m going to start showing up for you. I’m learning and growing, so I’ll probably still make a few mistakes along the way, but I’m really committed to learning to love and respect you more.

And I”m going to:

  • Listen when you tell me your tired or in pain.
  • Sit with you when your upset and feel what your telling me, without numbing out or trying hide.
  • Accept you just the way you are right now, not 5 kgs lighter, but right now.
  • Show you kindness and appreciation everyday
  • Ask for what you need from those around us
  • Speak up. Say no or scream yes for our choices
  • Take care to nourish you from the inside out with good for us foods
  • Find out what makes you happy, what gives you pleasure and do more of that
  • Dive deeper into our  beautiful sexuality and sensuality. I want to experience deeper sexual bliss, I want it to expand us and crack us open to deep intimacy and love
  • Dance naked, laugh often and not take us so seriously.

I want to Celebrate you



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