Welcome Gorgeous!

Welcome To TaraO!

I can’t thank you enough for dropping by. I’m pretty pant pee-ing excited about this project and I think you will be too

I have wanted to create this space for so long, and I’m incredibly grateful you’e here with me. Because here’s the thing…somewhere amongst all the expectations of perfection, stereotypes and competition, we ladies have forgotten just how damn amazing we actually are!

This suxs and baby believe I know!

Just a few years ago, I was in a really bad place. I was going through some prettttty heavy stuff and the relationship I had with myself was beyond terrible, which filtered through my entire life.

I was utterly miserable, super scared and dying from desperation.

It wasn’t until I learnt how to love, nourish and eventually celebrate myself that my life changed BIG TIME!

And that’s exactly what this here web place is all about. Packed full of vids, info and freebies its a place for me to share online casino dgfev my learnings and teaching so YOU too can deepen your self love, happiness and pleasure, creating a life you can fall in love with.

Who wants to be stuck in fear and pain, when you can learn to accept, appreciate and accentuate your authentically sexy and empowered self!

So make sure you sign-up for my newsletter so you can receive all the latest tips and treats! There is a lot of exciting stuff happening, that I cannot wait to share with you!


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