#AskTara “I’m Numb In My LadyParts!”

#AskTara is a video series hosted on my Tara O channel on YouTube and is where I get to spill MY answers to YOUR questions on all things sex, relationships, self love and more!

This question is a goodie and one I feel many women can relate to!

“Hi Tara, weird question, but is it possible that some women just don’t feel anything down there?!  When my partner goes down on me I feel nothing. The same goes when we’re having sex”

I hear concerns like this all the time. Ladies worrying they’re numb, desensitised or incapble of feeling sensations in their lady parts.

But here’s the good news!

This “numbness” is rarely due to a physical complication or some weird and wacky mutation that prevents you from feeling sexual bliss.

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Video Recap

Sexual blockages: Something that is stoping you from feeling sexual pleasure. A disconnection between your brain and your body.

Sexual blockages are super common and can be triggered from lots of different things. One the main being trauma.  Blockages can also show up due to your own negative beliefs or thoughts surrounding your sexuality like shame, guilt or fear.

Homeplay Practises:

Debunk the belief that you’re “numb”!

Right this minute, prove to yourself that you aren’t actually numb! That you’re capable and allowed to feel and experience all different kinds of sensations.

Gently tickle the nape of your neck – What can you feel? Does it feel nice? Does it feel soft, tingly? How can you make that sensation feel nicer? Experiment with touching your neck harder and softer.

Gently tickle your breasts – Using the same touch as your neck, run your fingertips over your breasts. Trace your nipples. What can you feel? What kind of touch makes your skin feel the divine?

Gently tickle your inner thighs –  Run your featherlight touch up and down your thighs. Caress your bottom. Use the lightest touch possible. Skim the skin and closing your eyes dive into the sensations you’re creating. Where is the pleasure coming from? What can you feel? What is happening to your body?

Next take it up notch

Tickle your clitoris – No rush, no stress. Just bring those fingertips that were dancing on your thighs and brush them against your clitoris. Keep the pressure light, your eyes closed and and take  some gentle belly breaths. What happens when you brush you finger tips over your clitoris? Was there a tingle, the slightest twitch? You felt something…what was it?

In that very moment you just proved to yourself you are cable of feeling sensation. You are in fact NOT numb. Your body is alive with pleasure receptors. Now all we need to do is expand, explore and experiment with playful touch and allow ourselves to experience more of what feels great!

The myth has been debunked. Now the fun really begins!

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