#AskTara “How Much Sex Should I Be Having?”

#AskTara is a video series hosted on my Tara O channel on YouTube and is where I get to spill MY answers to YOUR questions on all things sex, relationships, self love and more!

How Much Sex Should I Be Having?

Want to find out just how much sex I think YOU should have? Click the image below to watch the video


Video Recap:

There is NO set amount of sex you SHOULD be having.

In fact, it’s almost ludicrous for anyone to even suggest such a thing. I know perfectly happy, healthy people who have ZERO sex and are not losing limbs or turning blue.

We need to create a new dialogue focused on the quality of sexual experiences rather than the quantity.

For me personally,  I used to have a lot of very low quality sex and it was extremely unhealthy for me. These days my sexual life is a source of vitality, happiness, love and healing, yet love making is less frequent than before!

Also, wanting sex and having sex are two very different things. For example, some women may have sex more often than their body actually desires it. This has a lot to do with external factors, cultural imprinting or the desire to please a partner, seek attention and/or validation.  Not something that to be encouraged.

What I’m really increased in however, is the quality of sex you’re having.

How does the sexual interaction make you feel afterwards? Does it expand you? Re-engize you? Does it leave you feeling totally in love or at least connected to your partner?

That’s the kind of sex I’d be encouraging you to be seeking out and having as much of that feels right for you!

Strive for beauitful sexual experiences that make feel incredible, rather than trying to achieve a set number of sessions a week.


You may find that by focusing on the quality of sex , the quantity begins to increase as well. Because great sex, mind blowing sex, sex that connects and transforms, is sex that want’s to be had… a lot!

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