5 Blocks That Could Be Killing Your Orgasms

So whats the deal with the “Big O” and why do some of us find it so bloody hard to have one!?

Firstly ONE in THREE women have a problems achieving orgasms. So I want to get one thing straight.

You are not weird or defective or strange. Not being able to climax is super common. Here’s the good news!  With the right infomation, motivation, and training, 90% of ALL non orgamsic woman can over come it.

Check out some of the most common blocks that could be stopping YOU from experiencing awesome sexual pleasure.

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Here’s a little recap on points addressed in the video.

Bliss Blockers:

1. Mindset.

“I’m not orgasmic. It won’t ever happen for me. I’m numb there”

This kind of thinking will stop you from enjoying any sexual experience  right from the very beginning. Remember your BRAIN is the biggest sex organ you have and the mindset have around your sexuality and your orgasmic potential is going to impact your pleasure profoundly!

Negative thinking is a buzz killer, so get rid of it. Every woman is cable of learning to unlock and unleash her sexual pleasure and then expand it to mind-blowing propotion. But first you need to believe it’s possible. So replace I can’t to I CAN and I WILL. You are orgasmic!  You do experience pleasure. You will have mind blowing orgamsic pleasure.

2) Disconnect.

There is an epidemic of disconnection happening between women and their beautiful bodies. Whether it’s through social or cultural influences woman are living more in their heads and less in their bodies. We are disconnecting from our beautiful bodies and in particular from our breasts and our vaginas.

Ask yourself, do you feel connected to your vagina? What is relationship towards her? When did you last spend time indulging her? Celebrating her? Do you even know what she likes, needs and craves.

Without connection our vagina’s become separated from us, they become numb.

We need to come back to her, connect with her, wake her up. She’s such an integral part of our womanhood and is our epicentre of pleasure, life and creativity!

To connect back to you vagaina I suggest using the best tool there is The Jade Egg. My number one secret for better orgasms and increased connection and sexual energy! Supercharge your sexual organs!

Also take a mirror and look at her, get to know her, say hi! You can’t to expect to fully appreciate her power and pleasure if she feels like stranger. Approach her with a sense of wonder, play, excitement. She holds many wondrous secrets!

3) Time

A man can go from zero to blow in less than FOUR mins. For woman however its a little longer. In fact, on a average a woman requires forty five minutes of sexual interaction before an orgasm can be achieved! Forty five minutes!! Hows’ that for a game changer.

We beautiful women need fuel to feed our fire.

We need to time to relax into desire and then arousal, before we can even sense the hint of an orgasm. Sharing this with your partner is an excellent starting point and spending more time exploring foreplay, sensual massage, and kissing are all wonderful way to slow down and allow your body to fully experience what is happening and encourage the arsoual systems to kick in. Also don’t be afraid to take breaks whilst you lovemaking to prologue your partners stamina.

4) Inability to surrender

Sex is surrender. Surrender to bliss, to passion, control and to the mind. If you’re you are a tightly bound person , wound up tight and unable to relax and let go , you will are going to have trouble achieving an orgams.

Sexual energy needs space to move through you. It needs to rise, spread, heat and open you. In order for sensations to build, your body needs to relax. and for your body to relax you need to let go of your mind.

Forget all thoughts, the to – do list, or woundering about what to cook for dinner, if cat is still out… relax, realise and ride the sensations that happening with in your body. Surrender to the moment.

If you have a hard time letting go of your mind. Bring it back to your breath, focusing on deep breathing. You can also practise becoming aware of the sensations that happening on your skin in that moment. What can you feel. What can you taste? Where is the pleasure right now?

5) Stress

Feeling sexy when your stressed is hard. Actually it’s almost impossible. Feeling sexy when your tired is the same. Sex requires energy and when you have none, how can you have fun? Unfortunately busyness has become a major part of our lives and being exhausted and over working is seen as a sign of success rather than a lifestyle red flag. Beginning ‘busy’ tells the word we are important. We are doing stuff, achieving stuff, living big, bold lives. But at what expesnse? Our pleasure? Our intimate relationships? Our connection to what matters most?

If you want to experience the full scope of your sexual potential or even just a taste of it, you need to prioritise. You need take a look at your life and figure out whats sapping your energy, what’s stealing your capacity to connect with your yourself and your lover. What are you giving more attention? Stress is a choice. Living a orgamsic life is a choice.

No time? Cancel your weekend plans, don’t go to that neighbours BBQ, stay in bed instead. Don’t go to gym every single night and exhustered yourself doing squats, come home make a beautiful dinner, chat with your partner and make love. If you wanted better relationships, deeper connection and orgams. Commit to saying No to stress and YES to your pleasure!

I’d love to hear in the comments below which block you struggle with the most and any ways you tackle it!

Starting a community of open sharing is so important when it comes to empowering one another to live happier and healthier lives.


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