Women For Women

Women have a remarkable gift for creating intimacy and connection, and fostering communication… We are simply born to bond.

In many past and present indigenous cultures, the power of the sisterhood is wildly celebrated. Women of all ages gather and bare their souls, speak their truths whilst sharing teachings and wisdom with one another. Older women (elders), having walked the path before, support and encourage the younger of the sisterhood. Ceremonies and rituals highlight major milestones in a woman’s journey and the whole collective, support and guide one another through puberty, menstruation, marriage, sex, childbirth, as well as through miscarriages, death, and life crises.

A safe, loving community where respect, nurture and deep intuition for a woman’s needs are celebrated, and lovingly fulfilled.

Sounds like bliss, right?!

It’s my firm belief that we women totally luck out in our culture today.

When was the last time you sat in a cozy space with women of all ages and walks of life and shared thoughts, feelings or silence.  Taking time to marvel at the courage and wisdom of the ladies around you, allowing them to hold you, care for you, and offer wisdom and advice.

It’s just not something many of us do.

Sure, we meet up with women; our friends, family etc. But how often do we have really raw and honest conversations? Chats from the heart, opening up to one another without our ‘mask’ firmly in place.

Quite often we ladies fall into the trap of comparison chat chat, where we complain about our bodies, work, lovers not measuring up to a silly ideal constructed by our culture. Or, we compare ourselves to other women, gossiping about how another gal lives her life.

By engaging in these ‘judge offs’ we’re actually reinforcing messages that woman are inherently defective and must strive for some socially imposed image of perfection. Also, critical, envious thoughts poison the spirit and harm all women. It’s impossible to come together and build a world of compassion, peace and beauty when we are all picking each other apart.

When did we start to ignore the divine beauty of all women? When did we stop treating one another with empathy, tenderness and respect. Showing up for one another as our true authentic self and respecting our lady mates with our full presence.

When a woman honours a sister, she honours herself and the whole of womankind.

Imagine a world were every woman had your back. Where you could reach out and ask for support or guidance and never feel inadequate or judged.

Women get women. Remind yourself of this!

Women also have an innate need to be witnessed. They NEED to be understood, to talk it out, to express. Women NEED to share and you’ll be amazed at the incredible benefits of engaging with wonderful woman in a positive, heart lifting kinda way

So how can you empower your life by surrounding yourself with amazing women?

Find your tribe

Look to the community available, most major cities have a wonderful community of conscious women (women who have invested in self-empowering work, just like you). Look for it. Seek out the company of women within your community that create and inspire. Follow your joy to classes, workshops even professional networking groups or other events that allow you to connect with vibrant women. Groups of women are incredibly nourishing. Seek out authentic, inspired women. Listen to them. Learn from them.

I have a wonderful Secret Women’s circle on Facebook that provides a place for women to support, inspire and delight one another virtually. Come join us over here.

Honour older woman.

Give older women your time, support and kindness. Sit with them, allow them to pour out their gifts to you. Ask them to teach you a skill. It’s amazing how therapeutic learning to knit with a wise women is! Don’t be afraid to share your secrets with them, I bet you they have an even juicer tale. Listen to silence around them, that calming, comfy energy takes years to master!

Create your own.

Creating your own women’s gathering can be transforming. Invite your girlfriends around on the full moon to share what each of you is presently creating or moving though. Alternatively, invite women to participate in rituals together, it can be something as simple as making a shared dinner, then enjoying the deliciousness of your efforts whilst discussing topics like great women, or femininity. Have a creative night where each woman makes her own vision board.

Meeting and gathering with other women, can be a powerful way to revitalise your own creative energy, and by offering support or nurturing other ‘sisters’ you will see an emergence of the strength of your own intuition and feminine qualities.

And most of all it allows you to recognise YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY. Your ‘sisters’ (all women) are collectively growing, hurting, crying out and creating. So seek their support for processing, expressing and celebrating your feelings.

Remember, girls compete with each other, while sexy, smart and strong women empower one another!



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