Erotic Fictions

I have a confession…

I love a bit of steamy fiction or even better, naughty non-fiction.

Yep, books that make me press my thighs a little closer together, make me miss my yoga class or shift in my seat when a 89 yr old lady sits next to me on the train. I love losing myself in the provocative pages of well written, sensation inducing and heart-quickening prose.

And here’s why:

1- It gets me outta my head and into my body!

Unlike some of the other more, ahem.. educational books I read, I do less ‘thinking’ (or attempting to understand) what”s on the page in front of me and instead dive straight into more “feeling”. My focus is not on wondering what the author is carrying on about but more on how my body is reacting to the knowledge that there”s now THREE handsome, well endowed strangers pleasuring Lucy to blissful delight!

2 – Erotic fiction is wonderful to instantly connect to our most earthly desire.

I often hear women complain of feeling numb within their own lady parts. They can”t connect to their bodies casino online and worry they “feel nothing” or have little desire. But the truth is,  feeling nothing is almost never the case. Pick up one of the below books and I”m almost certain you will feel  a change somewhere within your body. A quickening, a pulse, a little throb. Allowing yourself to surrender into relaxation with a nice naughty book is a fantastic way to connect inwards, to allow your mind to soften and your body open.

It”s a helpful to remember:

Men tend to become turned on by images while woman are often turned on by words.

3 -Inspiration.

Anything is possible within the world of erotica and some of it is damn worth trying out! For example, I first discovered my body was interested in exploring spanking from the graphic  – and ever so harsher than 50 Shades – the infamous novel…Story of O. So feel free to let life imitate art!

Below are a few of my favourite spicy reads:

1) Firstly, Anais Nin anything!

This lady taught me how powerful a woman is when she embodies her own sexuality shamelessly as a tool of liberation. She connect sexuality and spiritually brilliantly. Delta Of Venus is a great starting point!

2) The Sexual Life Of Catherine Millet

Based on her real life adventures, this makes any celebrity sex tape look like play school.

3) In Bed With

A compilation of sexy stories from well-known writers.. A gentle entry point into erotica.

4) The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice

You will never look at sleeping beauty the same way…ever!

Now over to you! Have any juicy novels you loved and want to share? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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