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One of my greatest tips to creating a relationship filled with epic sex, deep intimacy and pleasure is to… create the space for it.

And for once, I’m not talking about prioritising space within your calendar.

I’m talking actual physical space. Your surroundings. Your environment. Your habitat.

If you want to prioritise awesome sex, you need to create the right environment. You need to become really good at creating atmospheres that inspire sensuality, connection and love.

For example:

If you come home each night, plonk in front of the TV with dinner and then go to bed with your mobile phone or laptop, how much do you feel like being intimate with your partner as soon as the lights go out?


A cushion strewn, candle lit lounge room, with soft music and a glass of wine at the ready, may just have your body surrendering into relaxation and your internal engine beginning to hummmmm!

So I want you to ask yourself…

Does your surroundings inspire deep intimacy and sex with your partner or does it work against you?

If you’re with heaps of peeps and have let the commitment to your intimate life slip a little by the wayside, worry not!

It’s super easy to let the erotism within your relationship become overshadowed by mess, stress and stuff.

In fact, it’s one of the major concerns I hear amongst couples is the lack of desire for sex…

Yet with all the complaining, there isn’t a lot of creating going on!

A sure fire way of bringing back that sexy spark is by creating spaces where it can come to life again. Spaces that inspire sensuality and sexuality instead staying stuck within spaces that promote disengagement and encourage disconnection.

If you haven’t made love with your partner – or yourself – for some time, spending some time really creating an inviting, sensual, and sexy space may help reignite your desire.

It will also give you more control in regards to how you want to connect emotionally and physically. Do you want to create a space that suggests delicious, slow sensuality or a more adventurous encounter with lots of play things! Do you want candles or bondage or both?

There is also an intentionality there gives a wonderful feeling of valuing your intimate relationship enough to set up a space and devote time to it.

You and your partner may even like to take turns in preparing different space or make some permanent interior changes altogether ( like ditching the bedroom TV hint hint!)

Click on the video below to learn why creating the space for sex is so important.

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Helpful tips to creating the space for epic sex

Watch your lighting, turn down dimmers, light candles, throw a scarf over your lamp, play with fairy lights. Remove clutter. Keep the place fresh, spray the room with an aroma you like. Remove anything that will distract you. Ban technology. Gather props, massage oils, play things, toys. Have some water handy. Play music that inspires you into your sensuality.

Ideas for creating awesome sexy spaces!

Play with sensations

Create your space with the intention of infusing all the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, into your space and play. Think ice cubes, candles, feathers. create a nest on the ground with cushions and pillows. Have warm coconut oil handy, or if you are feeling adventurous play with wax! Use the elements to inspire you to gather things that will create different sensations and environments for your play

Experiment with the senses

Use your 5 senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell as inspiration when creating a space in which all 5 senses can be explored and celebrated. Gather treats like chocolate, a favourite drink, strawberries. Play some sensual, mood inducing tunes. Wear something that feels sexy for you. Light some incense or a wood fire! Have things handy to use within your play that take away or heighten different senses, blindfolds, handcuffs, clothes pegs!

Who said sex had to be INSIDE?

If you have a full house take the action outdoors. Make a sexy fort under a trampoline, pitch a tent, grab the sleeping bags and lay them out under the stars. Go up onto the roof, balcony etc. There is something incredibly sexy about making love outside.

Bored with the bedroom?

It can be really hot setting up a sexy space outside of the bedroom. Let your imagination run wild as you walk around your apartment, house etc. How can you turn your bathroom into a haven of intimacy? What about your lounge room? The guest room nobody uses? Transform it into your fantasy scene! The kitchen? Just think of all those handy spanking utensils and ways to use food to delight and excite one another!

If you have any other ideas for saucy spaces and bliss inducing environments or ways that you create your adult only sanctuaries, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Lets inspire each other!



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