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*Prices in Australian dollars * Genuine high-quality obsidian stone with certification, booklet, pouch, PLUS a FREE instructional video covering internal orgasm training, sexual healing practices and a sexy practice to surprise your partner with later! (sent via email) 

Expand your orgasmic potential and experience your full sexual bliss.

The Goddess Pleasure Wands are for women who prioritize their pleasure. The powerful gals who recognize their sexual wellbeing profoundly affect’s their entire life. It’s for those ladies who wish to experience deeper pleasure, mind blowing internal orgasms and a sexuality that is free of restrictions, tension and limits. The Goddess Pleasure Wand is not just a stick of stone, it’s an essential tool to transformation, sexual healing and radiant embodied sensuality.

With the Goddess Pleasure Wand you’ll be able to:

  1. Train yourself to experience internal orgasms
  2. Unlock your G-spot and cervix to experience incredible pleasure (A cervical orgasm is seriously life changing!)
  3. Remove tightness, tension and pain from the vagina
  4. Create deep connection to your body and ladyparts (so essential!)
  5. Learn to get out of your head during sex
  6. Heal sexual blockages, trauma and release anything that is keeping you from experiencing a full and juicy sex life.

Read why sexual healing (specifically de-armouring your vagina) is so important here.

Why Obsidian?

Obsidian is a wonderfully grounding and protective stone. It assists with removing negative energies and assists with releasing stored emotions such as anger, sadness, resentment and fear. Obsidian is an incredibly healing, natural stone and makes the perfect choice for internal use.

Why choose the Goddess Pleasure Wands?

You may have seen or read about shakti wands or rose quartz dildos and they’re great. However, I made a commitment to only ever suggest, stock and supply the very best in quality and design when it comes to intimate products. I only provide what I use myself and fully stand by 100% and trust me I am very picky when it comes to tools for ‘down there’! The reason I do not stock the rose quartz shakti wands is because often they are not long enough to reach the cervix and too straight to stimulate the G-spot. Try not to fall into the trap of thinking the ‘energy’ of quartz will solve your sexual hurdles, it won’t. What will is the commitment to practice and the willingness to go into the uncomfortable. I have seen many ladies (distracted with the idea of ‘loving’ energy radiating from their wand) become disappointed when they didn’t achieve their desired changes.

All Goddess Pleasure Wands are shipped discreetly. You’ll also receive a FREE video series packed with awesome trainings and exercises to get the very most out of your new best friend!

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