{ Read } 6 (easy) love hacks to try now!

Today I’m excited to bring you a few of my very treasured, very useful, very not-that-hard-at-all-to-implement LOVE hacks that I absolutely dig.

These precious little nuggets of relationship wisdom go a long way in helping to cultivate and sustain a thriving epic relationship.

So let’s dive in!

?What you focus on expands

It’s said by spiritual and personal development junkies everywhere that what you focus on expands. Meaning, where you place your attention, presence and awareness is very, VERY important. Sometimes in relationships, it’s very easy to get fixated on what’s NOT working, rather than what is. We spiral into stories about what is lacking rather than what is abundant. But an interesting thing happens when we start focusing on the good…we find more it! So be careful what you’re looking for, you’ll find more of what you seek, guaranteed!


Everyone loves to feel appreciated but here’s a little secret, men LOVE IT THE MOST!!! The quickest way to inspire your fella into the highest version of themselves is by actively appreciating them. They feel inspired when shown they’re believed in. So let them know when they do something you value and watch it happen more frequently. I can always recognize a man who knows he is appreciated…he’s all shiny.

?Growth mindset

In order to avoid stagnation, stuckness and boredom within a relationship, there must be some sort of continued growth. Having a mindset that recognizes the value of growth will ensure you create space for evolution and expansion. It will also help you to reframe conflict and challenging times as opportunities to develop a stronger relationship as well.

?Be their biggest champion NOT their greatest critic

There’s nothing I hate more than seeing someone tear their partner down constantly. Yet, snide comments, supposedly “funny” little jabs, snarky put-downs are often present in many a relationship. JUST DON’T DO IT.  Nothing good comes from criticism. Let love be the leading force in your relationship instead. Consciously choose to lift one another up, inspire each other, be FOR one another rather than against. Don’t MAKE FUN of your partner make them feel they are THE BEST partner instead.

?Give what you wish to receive

I love this one and I am so guilty of it! The next time you complain about what you’re NOT receiving in your relationship: they never romance me anymore, they don’t appreciate me, they never plan a date night…ask yourself if you have been giving out the very thing you want more of. Have you been romancing them? Have you been showing them appreciation etc?  Not only does it allow you to take radical responsibly and bust outta victim mode, giving what you desire usually means you’ll get it back, as if by magic!


There isn’t enough celebration within relationships. Sure we may celebrate birthdays, anniversary and major milestones but what about celebrating the little things? Celebration means love, reflection, awareness, appreciation, recognition, and taking a moment from the busyness of life to ACKNOWLEDGE something or someone. When we celebrate our partner for a win or for trying something new, taking a chance or doing something hard etc we’re affirming to them that we SEE them, we see what they’re doing in this world and we dig it! Also, be sure to celebrate wins AND “fails”, because trying is even better than winning!

So there we have it, 6 pretty dang easy and simple love hacks you can implement straight away!



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