Which egg should I choose?

So you have decided to prioritize your sexual wellbeing and get yourself a yoni egg/jade egg. Go, girl! Great decision! But now here comes the hard part. What egg should you use? Which size is best? What do you actually even do with it!?!

If it all feels a little overwhelming, I hear ya!

There is a ton of information out there, often with conflicting opinions and ideas. There are so many different voices weighing in on which egg and sizes are best, whether or not you should own  1, 3, or 10 different stones and if you should use weights or just lift a damn coconut with your vagina.

Aggh! It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

So here’s a little breakdown (and my 2 cents worth) of what I truly, wholeheartedly stand by and believe to be important and essential information for every yoni egg/jade egg beginner and devotee.

Side note:

Usually, I’m not one to weigh in on swaying women’s choices here or there. It’s a woman’s right to choose what works for her. However, when it comes to internal health, I become a lot more fierce. I also get extremely passionate about informed and researched points of view and believe as teachers and influencers in this area it is our duty to be fully loaded up with the facts and not just peddle someone elses info. The below is a mix of research and interviews with gemologists, gynecologists, pelvic floor specialists and my own experience and training with leaders within the field.

Rightio with that said here we go!

Not sure what I’m banging on about with this yoni egg business? Learn all about them here. You can also read this deeeeelicious eBook I created for free by click here.

Jade Egg or Rose Quartz Egg?

Ok, so this is the most common question I get from women starting out on their yoni egg journey. How do I choose the right crystal/ material for my yoni egg!?  Should I buy a jade egg, rose quartz egg, or an amethyst egg…?!

I’m going to be straight up honest with you.  I only use and recommend high-quality Nephrite jade.

And here’s why:

It’s tough. Really tough.  Nephrite jade is made up of a really strong, interlocking and tightly woven fibrous structure. Great Tara, but what does that mean for me? It means your Nephrite jade egg will not harbor or promote yucky bacteria. It also means it will last a very long time. And, if used correctly it will not chip, smash or break (unless you know, you shoot it out your vagina whilst skydiving or something totally weird like that)

Here’s what one Gemologist I interviewed reported about Nephrite jade and internal use:

“I see absolutely no issue with the use of Nephrite jade internally, so long as the quality of the stone is one of high and genuine quality.”

And rose quartz?

“Most of the rose quartz I see is low quality. Whilst it’s cheap, it often has small, fine fractures coming to the surface where bacteria can be trapped”

Not as strong or dense as jade, rose quartz (while pretty) is much easier to chip and smash. Easily and inexpensively sourced,  it’s more absorbent than jade, meaning it can store nasty (and itchy) infection producing baddies.

The same goes with other stones. I get super antsy when I see all the weird and wonderful versions of yoni eggs available today!

With that being said if your heart and body is telling you to go for the rose quartz then do your research, speak to an expert, and source certified, high quality rose quartz only!

There is a lot of fake jade out there. Serpentine, Aventurine are not real jade. So ask your seller what “type” of jade they’re selling, where it’s from and if it’s certified.

What size jade egg should I get?

Medium. For just about everyone a medium, drilled egg is perfect. You’re not supposed to be able to feel it inside you so if you’re thinking that after 22 children and you’ll need an egg the size of baseball, ya don’t. If your egg falls out consistently, begin the egg practices lying down for 2 weeks or until you build up enough internal strength.

The jade egg practice isn’t about starting with the big egg and working down to the smallest egg. In fact, it’s far less about the actual egg than you may think!!!

One high-quality medium egg is all you need. Small eggs serve no purpose and large eggs are often far too heavy for many gals. Easy peasy.

Learning how to use your jade egg

Look for teachers who have done their training! Who have worked, studied and who know their shit. The jade egg practice is deeply rooted in Taoist teachings, so ask teachers who they have studied with and how they use their egg in their own day to day life.  Also, look for people who are creating their own programs and generating useful, researched and well-informed content. Or hit me up and I’ll suggest some awesome books, and resources to get you started!





2 comments on “Which egg should I choose?”

  1. Megan Bright
    July 19, 2024 at 3:29 pm

    Hi Tara-
    I received my jade egg last week. Thank you. I was just wondering why it is black. I guess I thought it would be green like the one in the picture.

    1. tara
      July 19, 2024 at 2:40 am

      Hi Megan – the jade eggs will vary in color ranging from dark green to almost black depending on the stone 🙂 Perfectly normal!xx

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