{ Video } What is Tantric Sex?

When I tell people I am a trained and certified Tantric Sex Teacher, I get a lot of questions. Here are some of my favourites:

“Oh I know what Tantric Sex is, it’s when you don’t have sex and just look at each other isn’t it?”

“How does anyone find the time to have sex for 8 hours straight?!”

“You must go through so many candles and incense, am I right?”

“I’d like to try Tantra but I hear it takes, like, years to study it?”

“I have no idea what Tantra is but it’s probably some weird, hippy, stuff, yeah?”

For the record: I have never had sex for 8 hours straight. EVER.

So what is Tantric sexuality really about and what could it possibly teach us that we don’t already know?

The answer is


Tantric sexuality offers the keys to the most mind blowing sexual experiences you may ever have. Tools that allow you to tap into a greater range of orgasmic potential than you ever thought possible.

In short, Tantric Sex is the freaking bomb!

But is it just for sex gurus who wear white or ‘conscious vegan couples’ who mediate daily and have matching OM tattoos on their wrists?


The beauty about Tantra is that there is something in it for everyone. These ancient teachings are a freaking goldmine of bliss inducing tips for the modern day couple. In fact, we ‘city’ people need this more than ever as we become increasingly distracted from our partners (and love making) with all the fuzz of modern life.

We need these tools to reconnect. To feel loved, and loveable. We need these teachings to create and sustain the kind relationship we want, need and deserve.

So what is Tantra exactly?

Check out this video to find out!

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