{ Tip } Increase Your Pleasure Instantly

The importance of breathing (properly) during sex

I bang on a lot about the importance of breathing. It’s the first thing I tell anyone who wants to improve their sexual experience. I harp on it in my workshops, bombard my coaching clients with breathing homework and will educate any uber driver that will listen.

The more you breathe the more you’ll feel. Fact.

And here’s why…

Pleasure hates contraction. In fact, it’s almost impossible to experience deliciously sensual and juicy sensations when your body is in a state of rigidity, tightness and stress.`

Breathing will allow your body to relax, to open and to surrender into softness making it possible to feel sexual sensations. It then becomes the rocket fuel that will allow you to expand your pleasure and to experience full body orgasms.

You can also use your breath to activate your arousal and turn yourself on. Remember, sex is a body-based practice, however, many of us are approaching our sexy sessions with a busy mind, trapped in a heady state of over-thinking. Breathing will bring you back into your body. It will allow you to settle into the present moment and allow your attention to stay with your pleasure and the connection to yourself and partner, rather than on the To-do list.

Deep and slow VS Fast and hard

Deep and slow breathing is the best way to calm the body and quieten the mind. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, taking the body out of the fight/ flight response and into relaxation.

Hard and fast breathing has a purifying effect on the nervous system and energy systems. It will also heat up the entire body and increases arousal.

Yoni Breathing ( aka breathing through your ladybits )

This breathing practice is great for training you to breathe more deeply and consciously during sex. It’s also incredibly relaxing and opening. On top of that, it will allow you to experience more sensation in your vagina and can bust through stuck energy and trauma in your sexual center.

Side Note: Your mouth and throat are directly connected to your pelvic floor. This connection means when your mouth and throat are loose and open, your pelvic area is able to relax and open as well thus allowing your erotic energy and sensation to flow freely throughout your whole body.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this practice. It’s super important and offers massive benefits!

Let’s begin:

  1. Lay comfortably on the floor or bed
  2. Take a few full belly breaths to settle into your body
  3. When you feel relaxed begin to breathe in and out of your vagina. Now I know that it’s technically impossible, but imagine you have a mouth in your vagina just for a moment.
  4.  Inhale, imagining a stream of air entering your vagina up into your belly. Contract your pelvic floor as you inhale for the count of 4.
  5.  Exhale, imagining the air exiting your body through your vagina.  Relax the pelvic floor as you exhale for the count of 8. Be sure to relax fully on the exhale!
  6. Repeat 10 times

After you finished the Yoni Breathing practice take a moment to feel into your body. How do you feel? Do you feel more relaxed? What sensations can you feel inside your body?

You may like to play around with different speeds and intensities in future rounds and see the effect of each.

You can also practice Yoni Breathing while having sex. Apply the breathing and pelvic squeeze pattern when on top of your partner for a slow and luscious ride to bliss!

Happy Breathing!!


2 comments on “{ Tip } Increase Your Pleasure Instantly”

  1. Nicole ?
    June 15, 2024 at 8:03 am


    This is so incredibly powerful and energizing. Leaves me “buzzing” for ages afterwards. I always fill so full of vitality, life and love!!

    Thank you Tara for sharing ❤

    1. tara
      June 15, 2024 at 2:54 am

      So glad you’re loving this practice Nicole!! So much love to you! Tara x

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