{ Interview }The Art Of Seduction ft…Kitty Cavalier

Oh! I’m so freaking excited to share with you this super juicy interview with none other than the Queen of all things Sexy, Sensual and Seductive….

Miss Kitty Cavalier

Now if you haven’t had the heart soaring opportunity to check out Kitty’s work, Kitty is the Author of the MUST READ book: Sacred Seduction: A Guidebook, Memoir and Tribute to the Art of Seduction. She also travels the world offering workshops, retreats and experiences teaching ladies how to use seduction, not as a tool of manipulation, but as a spiritual practice and a pathway to a more pleasurable, sensual, well-lived life. Her work has been featured on The Numinous, The Daily Love, The Good Men Project, Psychology Today, Penthouse Magazine, Elle Magazine and more!

In short, Kitty is the bomb!

And here’s why I adore her so much.

In this crazy and chaotic world, I am seeing more and more women ( I also struggle with this myself!) lose touch with their own inner sense of sensuality, femininity and their connection to their bodies and big open hearts. Kitty’s work reminds us that life is meant to be enjoyed through all of our senses, it’s supposed to be tasted, delighted in and that there is so much magic in day to day life if we just take notice!

Kitty’s gorgeous idea that seduction is spiritual practice instantly makes you ponder the way you live your life and ways in which you can add more sparkle, romance, and heck even glamour!

And no,  it’s not all about wearing bright red hippie and flirting with the local barista although if that’s what lights you up AWESOME, but kitty pushes us to go deeper. How do celebrate your body? How do you cultivate and embrace your power as a sensual, sexual woman? How do you love yourself?

In the video below we discuss all of this plus more!

We dive into

  • What exactly IS sacred seduction
  • Attraction through AUTHENTICITY. Taking the mask OFF!
  • What does a sacred seductress look like?
  • The necessity of romance – romantic moments in everyday living.
  • What can WE do today to begin to tap into our own seductive power

You know what, the WHOLE chat is just really worth a watch. It is for sure one of my favourite conversations and I got SO much gold from it myself. ( You may notice throughout the video I’m looking not at the camera but at the small window in the corner of the screen which was Kitty’s video box and I was just transfixed! Haha such is the power of magnetism!

Check it out here


Here are the links to Kitty’s Goodies mention in the video



I’d love to hear in the comments below how YOU can or could infuse a little romance into your day to life and your biggest takeaways from the talk!

So much love

Tara x


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