{ Read } Sexpectations are BS!!!

So last week my chap and I headed off to Lake Como for a little “romantic” getaway.

It was INSANELY amazing.

He swam, I ate cheese. He relaxed and I ate more cheese…and gelato.

It was perfect.

But guess what, we didn’t have s*x. Not once on the whole trip.

And you know what? I’m TOTALLY ok with that.

Because here’s the thing…

It would have been very easy to think something was WRONG with our relationship just because the horizontal shuffle wasn’t part of our weekend repertoire. I could have easily worked myself up into an anxious sweat, trying to decide if it was him or me or us and if this between-the-sheets silence meant we were doomed to a life of zero fornication on vacation.

After all, we were in the most romantic of all the romantic places!! The whole darn place is a hedonists delight and a heavenly playground for a sensual pleasure seeker such as myself!

We were even on our honeymoon ( not really. I lied to the hotel staff and told them we were, so we got a free upgrade and bottle of champagne, anyone else do this? 😉

So makin the luvvvv should have been top of the TO-DO list right?


There is SO much pressure surrounding how our sexual life SHOULD play out and it needs to stops.

The s*x-pectation that you SHOULD have s*x on holidays, special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries etc is a pile of baloney. And for many of us, it does nothing but create unnecessary anxiety.

Pressure to experience pleasure is a total bliss blocker #Fact

Sure, s*x could have been wonderful but not making love through penetrative s*x was also wonderful.  Instead, we made love whilst switching off our phones and talking over rose’ till late into the night, sharing multiple food orgasms, and playing cards whilst teasing and flirting with one another.

And I felt connected. I felt loved. I felt happy.

And isn’t that the whole point?

Also, I’m very much a believer that what you do on a daily basis matters more than what you do every now and again.

I don’t need a four poster bed in Italy to feel inspired to create love and connection. I practice that shiz every single day!

So I reckon let’s drop the SHOULDS and stick to what’s TRUE for you. And if that looks less like sexy lingerie and more like mozzarella balls the size of your head on holiday then power to ya sister, go live your bliss!

Bye in Italian,

Tara xox


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