{ Video } The Truth About Libido

I seriously love the subject of female libido. In fact, it excites me more than bacon and probably goes a long way to enhancing my own libido!

I love studying it, talking about it, exploring it and I especially love when women reach out to me to share their own hurdles, experiences or stories about what’s going on with their sexy mojo.

Every single time, without exception it makes me want to physically or ‘cyber-ly’ reach out and hug these brave and courageous women.

Because here’s the thing, there is soo much bullshit out there surrounding the issue of female desire that it isn’t any wonder women are freaking out over ‘loss of libido’ as though they have lost their only kidney.

A little side note:

In most cases I find that women who complain they have ‘lost’ their libido have simply misplaced it. It’s just been buried under blockages, stress, control and you know, life! With a little gentle excavation and some playful exploration, unearthing that sexual, sensual desire within is entirely possible!

One of the biggest (and most damaging) misconceptions about female sexual desire is that for all of us it’s suppose to be spontaneous. It should just happen. That we should be ever ready for a sexy romp or deliciously naughty escapade. And should you not after a stressful day with work/children/ life feel like making love to your partner, well, then there is something seriously wrong with your libido.

I call baloney!

There isn’t anything wrong with your libido. In fact, your perfectly normal!

In the video below I explain why PLUS drop a few helpful ideas that may tickle your pickle and help you to collect your own wood. (See video in order to understand wood reference!)

Click it baby!


As I mentioned above I get seriously excited working with women to help them unearth their erotic desires, claim back their eros and step into their sexy! If you would like to work one on one with me it’s easy peasy, fun and supportive. Check out the Work With Me page here.


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