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The Magic Of The Jade Egg!

Multiple orgasms.

Increased libido.

Radiant self love.

Magnetic sexual energy!

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The Magic Of The Jade Egg!

8 Day Jade Egg Journey

Increase your orgasms. Supercharge your pleasure. Transform your sexual bliss!

The Jade Egg has been used for over 5000 years to help women achieve powerful orgasms, sexual confidence, vaginal well-being and radiant vitality. Helping women just like you to step into their beautiful sensuality and empowered sexuality.

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Natural, smooth and shaped like a small egg, the jade stone has long been revered as the ‘stone of heaven’ and is used to cultivate sexual energy, vaginal sensitivity/pleasure, reduce vaginal dryness and promote sexual healing.

By regularly inserting the Jade Egg (easy and comfortable just like a tampon!) you’ll begin strengthening your pelvic floor and be well on your way to mind-blowing orgasms, greater sensitivity, healthier sexual organs, and magnetic sexual energy. The Jade Egg will not only revitalise your love making but will also greatly benefit you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The Jade Egg will not only revitalize your love making but will also greatly benefit you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Jade Egg Benefits Include

  • Vaginal wellbeing
  • Increased orgasmic potential
  • Enhanced orgasmic pleasure
  • Increased sexual desire/ libido
  • Sexual self-confidence
  • Encouraged vaginal sensitivity
  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication ( The jade egg stimulates the Bartholin gland inside the vagina, great for post-menopausal women! )
  • Elevating sexual energy throughout the chakras
  • Raised vaginal connection and awareness
  • Healing. Vaginas love to store stress, pain and trauma within their walls. Promote deep healing and release blockages, stuck energy and ease sexual pain/tension. 
  • Reduced menstruation cramps

Sounding a little too ‘hippy’ for you?

Trust me when I say the jade egg is for every woman! You don’t have to be uber spiritual or devoted to yoga, or even know where your root chakra is to reap the massive rewards of this little mojo miracle maker! Every single benefit listed above is directly backed up by medical research and in fact, Jade Eggs ( Yoni Eggs) are becoming a growing recommendation from leading  high profile doctors, women experts and wellness gurus who are praising the superpowers of these little babies!

Do I need a Jade Egg if I haven’t had children yet?

Yes! Using a Jade Egg will ensure you have a toned, flexible and receptive vagina. You will also increase your sensitivity, in fact in as little as 10 days you will notice a lot more sensation in your lady parts! Be prepared for EPIC orgasms, as well as fun new ways to pleasure your partner.

There is no need to be concerned about becoming too tight or restricted ‘down below’. Utilising the Jade Egg in a proper manner (outlined within the booklet + video you receive when you purchase a Jade Egg here) will ensure you will not over stress your vaginal muscles. Contrary to popular belief a super tight vagina is something we do NOT want!

The Jade Egg is also wonderful and important preparation for childbirth.

I have just had a baby, should I use a Jade Egg?

Yes! The Jade Egg is an amazing tool to assist the pelvis, uterus, & vagina to quickly restore elasticity and return to a pre-birth state. In fact, more and more pelvic floor specialists are recommending women with children use a jade egg. It is especially helpful with reconnecting to your body and re-building sensitivity! Please consult your OB/GYN before returning to your Jade Egg practice as it is regularly recommended that nothing enters the vagina until 6 weeks after childbirth.

What size Jade Egg should I get?

There is often a lot of confusion as to what size is best! I, myself (and all of my incredible teachers worldwide) firmly believe that you do NOT need different sized eggs to get the benefits of a transformational  jade egg practice. In fact, multiple eggs will complicate and often deter women from a simple, easy and regular practice. My recommendation is a medium egg.

For almost all women the small egg is far too difficult to practice with and are best reserved for the jade egg professional! The largest egg whilst easier to feel are much heavier and harder to hold inside. 

What if my Jade Egg falls out?

Awesome! That’s a fantastic sign that you’re on the right track and that a jade egg practice is perfect for you! If you have difficulty holding your egg inside of you when you begin, simply do all the egg-ercises lying down and focus on building up your pelvic strength before attempting to stand whilst wearing the egg. It does not mean you’re damaged, defective or your yoni (vagina) is too large. An escapee egg is super common!

What people are saying about the Jade Egg

“Every single woman NEEDS a jade egg. Fact.” Jenny 32

“I was able to have my first orgasm after only one week practising with my jade egg!” Tanya 26

“I think my partner loves the benefits of my jade egg practice more than me!” Kells 33

“I started using a jade egg after the birth of my baby girl. It was a life saver. It restored my connection to myself as well as helping me to feel sexual pleasure again. Should I mention it was very….restorative?” Lisa 34

Check out this video for more info

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.02.00 pm

jade egg

Prices in Australian dollars. All jade eggs come with a satin pouch and how to booklet + video so you can get started today!

Not using Aussie currency – lucky you! you get it even CHEAPER! Follow the payment steps and it will convert automatically into your chosen currency!

We ship worldwide!

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