{ Video } Why Does My Jade Egg Fall Out?!

Why do jade eggs fall out?

It’s no secret how much I love my jade egg. That little baby revolutionized my sexual pleasure and continually supercharges my sexual wellbeing. For that reason, I make sure that 3 days a week, mostly in the morning, I keep up my jade egg practice to stay connected to my femininity, sensuality and juiciness!

However not all jade egg practices end with me feeling full of buzzing vitality. Cue embarrassing jade egg story!

A little while ago after spending some time squeezing, pulsing, breathing and OFlowing I was feeling so full of energy that I thought a brisk walk/jog (but mostly walk) in the morning sun would top things off nicely before getting stuck into the day.

So on go the sneakers and a pair of those running shorts with the inbuilt knickers and out the door I went.

It’s glorious.

The sun is shining, people are swimming in the water, and I have a nice (not too fast) jog happening along the boardwalk.

I didn’t even hear it hit the concrete.

What I did hear was a lady yelling ” EXCUSE ME. HEY! EXCUSE ME!! You dropped your…thing. Hello this fell out of…”

Without registering what had just happened (If I had I would have kept on running!) I turned around to see a lady (and her dog) running to catch up with me and there dangling from her hand is… my jade egg.

I was so mortified I could barely speak. I had completely forgotten to remove my jade egg before my run and now it lay in a stranger’s hand and baby, did I have some explaining to do!

So yes the jade egg slips out. It shoots out. It can wiggle, pop, or fall out at anytime, anywhere.

It does not mean your vagina is defective. It does not mean you are one step away from incontinence diapers or you have an unusually large vagina.

It does mean you are normal.

Watch the video below to learn the reasons why your  jade egg may fall out!


Want to make my day? Share your story of a escapee jade egg experience below! Come on I can’t be the only one!



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