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So I get it.

Stress incontinence isn’t the sexist topic. BUT it is one I feel very strongly about. There are far too many women putting up with a leaky bladder, unsure of what to do or how best to support their body to restore its natural wellbeing.

Some statistics report 1 in 4 women experience incontinence. And no, it isn’t just reserved for women after childbirth. Incontinence can affect anyone regardless if they are 18 or 88, have 102 kidlets or none at all.

Incontinence is nice like that, it doesn’t dicriminate!

So what can we do about this leaky issue? Thankfully plenty and guess what…

you can start today.

I have a sexy little treatment plan for you right here. It’s the brainchild of some pretty ‘in the know’ peeps and has a mighty fine success rate.

It works in conjunction with the jade egg. The added weight creates faster results whilst also delivering a few bonus (and rather juicy) surprises. I mean whilst you’re down there why not make these exercise a little more fun…

You’ll feel buzzy and alive with sexual energy

Your libido/mojo will increase

Your libido/mojo will increase

You’ll feel more connected to your body

You’ll sensitize your vagina

The jade egg will also clear stagnant energy and help heal any sexual blockages.

Fix your leak and supercharge your sex life. Winner winner chicken dinner!

To get the downloadable ebook just plonk in your best email below and BINGO! it will be in your inbox in just a jiffy! ( Just make sure you check spam folders in case it got gobbled up as junk! )

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Quit The Leak – Treatment Plan

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