{ Video } My Jade Egg Journey

I used to have ok orgasms.

I mean they weren’t life changing or ‘forget my own name’ kind of sexual bliss explosions, but they were pleasurable and they felt nice.

My orgasmic pleasure, however, was unpredictable. My sexual satisfaction unreliable. And my relationship towards my vagina was, well… I didn’t have one.

Even though my vagina was apart of me, I never really thought about that particular lady part of mine. In fact, if anything I would say I used to be embarrassed by her.

But baby, did that all change!

I was introduced to the magic and secrets of the Jade Egg whilst overseas studying Tantra (although it’s originally a Taoist practice). My teacher, a woman who radiated sensually and self-love like the goddess she very much was, held up the small, green stone and smiled as though she was letting us in on her best-kept secret.

Little did I know it would also soon become mine!

Now to be honest I was very resistant to the idea of inserting a stone into my vagina. I mean wouldn’t you?! It’s almost comical! Also, I wasn’t entirely convinced that something so ‘ordinary’ could do soo much for the wellbeing of my sexuality and femininity. It didn’t even vibrate for christ sake!

Oh how wonderfully wrong I was!

Click to watch the video on why I HATED the jade egg at first!


After three days of completing my teacher’s instructions,  I was beginning to feel as though something very special was beginning to happen down below.

Forgive me for what I am about to say and trust me I know how corny this sounds, but the truth of it was that it felt as though all my lady bits from my belly button down had been asleep for years and they were finally waking up!

I could feel stirrings of energy within my lower tummy and vagina. I had electric tingles spread throughout my body. I felt like I had been plugged into a energy socket!

As I continued using the jade egg a few days each week more and more of the ‘magical’ benefits actually came to fruition.

My self-pleasuring became supercharged with new found sensations and found I could turn myself on with only a few kegel-like squeezes. I felt more warmth and feeling and I finally felt connected to my body and not so much in my head.

Sex with my partner surprised both of us! Waves of pleasure surged through my body as I incorporated the internal squeezes I had been doing with the jade egg. It was as if I was using the squeezes to shoot pleasure missiles throughout my whole body and my orgasms were INCREDIBLE

I could also receive as much pleasure from a soft penis than I could a hard one!

Sex was no longer about the friction of fast grinding.

I didn’t need to rub hard and fast in order to hunt down an orgasm. Instead, there was a new stillness to love making, I used my gentle squeezes and new found sensitivity to ride the waves of my own pleasure for as long as I liked.  Helloooo multiples!

And while the phenomenal changes to my pleasure capacity were awesome, the healing I received from using a jade egg was even more profound. I gently reconnected to parts of myself that I had never fully appreciated, respected, loved or celebrated.

It was liberating. I felt reconnected to my femininty. I felt powerful and sensual, juicy and sexy all at once! I get goosebumps when I think about how dramatically everything changed.

So incredible were my experiences with the jade egg that I had to tell my friends. And then, after they experienced it for themselves, they in turn told their friends, who told theirs and so on it goes.`

I continue today to introduce women all over the world to the jade egg.

We need it, the connection, a rekindling, an awakening down there. We need to celebrate what is so easily forgotten…The sacredness of our most profoundly precious lady parts

If you would like to learn more about the magical jade egg you can do so here. I promise you it will be the BEST investment into your sexual wellbeing you ever make!



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