2016 is here! So how do you want to FEEL?


I’m so tickled to be back after the Christmas break. I’m bursting at the seams to deliver you brand spankin’ new content this year that I know you’re going to love.

Before we dive into the year, I want to share with you a little ritual I do to insure I kick of the year feeling positive rather than pressured!

Because here’s the thing…

The beginning of a new year can bring up a truck load of anxiety. And if your anything like me, a big arse list that looks like:

“Achieve this, do that, save this amount of money, lose weight, buy this, give up that, create my perfect life”

will have you panicking about the year before it’s even begun!

Which is why I no longer set traditional “goals”

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to make the most of each year! I’m ambitious and driven and all those equally cool things. I also have ‘stuff’ that I’d like to acquire or obtain. It’s just these days I place more importance on achieving how I want to FEEL rather than what it is I do or buy etc

Now whilst I’d love to take the credit for this awesome game changing concept, my lady Danielle Laporte is the mastermind (and an insanely wise goddess to boot!) Check out her book Desire Map to get the whole low down.

In a nutshell Danielle believes we have this whole goal setting business inside out and I gotta say I’m with her. Most of us are chasing external stuff to do, have and experience, hoping when we get what ever it is, we will feel awesome – and sometimes we do. But quite often we don’t.

For example:

Years ago losing 5 kilos would always be on my goal list. Without fail, my News Years resolution would be: lose weight. In my mind losing weight would make me feel fabulous about body. I would feel sexy, connected and vibrant. Yet, as I went about trying to achieve my goal of shedding the kilos my days would consist of obsessive calorie counting, guilt/shame and tons of negative self talk, making it impossible to feel fabulous at all! Plus even if I lost the 5 kilos I was so anxious I would put it back on it wasn’t worth it the 8900 squats.

I was trying to feel as certain way by doing things that left me feeling the complete opposite.

These days things are a little different.

Instead of lose weight as my goal for my year, I now use feel fabulous in my body as one of the four primary feeling states I want to achieve throughout the year.

So what do I need to do in order to reach my desired goal ( feel fab in body)?

Well, dancing, walking in nature, making love, eating nourishing foods, yoga all make me feel fabulous in my body plus I love doing them. BINGO! I now have my sure fire list to feeling fab in my body this year!

It’s all about going more internal than external and then taking small, deliberate actions each day to feel the way you want to feel

So how do you want to FEEL in 2016?

Bold? Daring? Courageous? Sexy? Loving? Free? Joy filled? Turned ON? Juiced up? Connected? Creative? Regal? Limitless? Sensual? Attractive? Healthy? Strong? Graceful? Present? Integrated? Beautiful? Expressive? 

Your Turn!

Take a moment to tune into your body, intuition, heart or guidance. Ask yourself: if you could feel 4 core feelings this year what would they be?

Write them down.

For example

This Year I Want To Feel….

  1. Creative
  2. Sensual
  3. Connected
  4. Strong

Now brainstorm underneath each of the feeling states ways in which you can achieve that feeling.

For example:

Creative: Paint, take a cooking class, keep a diary, visit museums, take a writing workshop, dance, redecorate bedroom, make a vision board, start writing my book!, learn to sing, take a pottery class with best friend.

Sensual: Take salsa lessons, commit to self pleasuring, take more candle lit baths, read poetry, try a saucy novel, learn the secrets of my body, adore my body, take a pole dancing class, sleep naked, make love often, swim naked twice this summer.

Connected: Learn to mediate, less time on phone, no TV during weekdays, more walks in nature, phone – less hang time with mates, no technology in the bedroom, eye gazing with lover, prioritise more juicy love making with partner, keep a gratitude diary, use my jade egg 3 times a week.

Strong: Yoga, eat more healthy, nourishing foods, listen to my body more, more rest, long hikes in nature, up the water intake, prioritise self care.

The idea is to only put down suggestions that will make you feel the way you want to feel! Don’t put down learn french for example if learning a language will stress you out instead of helping you to feel stimulated, engaged, creative or however it is you want to feel ( unless stressed out is a desired feeling of yours, of course!)

Get the idea?


Now go forth and create a year that will have you FEELING the way you desire!

In the comments below share with me YOUR four desired feelings for 2016! Or head over to my social media pages and let me know there! I’ll tell you mine if you tell me your’s! 😉



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