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Genuine Nephrite Jade Egg



  • Prices in Australian dollars **** Not paying in Aussie dollars? Lucky you, it will be cheaper! Follow payment instructions and pay in all other currencies – easy peasy!
  • We ship worldwide from Australia, America, and Europe
  • Genuine Canadian Nephrite Jade with certification + booklet + instructional video via email  
  • Medium size ONLY 
  • Purchase includes exclusive access to the Jade Egg Sisterhood a private Facebook group to gain further inspiration, egg-ercises and guidance from me on the regular!


Increase your orgasms. Transform your sex life. Supercharge your pleasure.

Get excited ladies! This right here is my number one secret weapon to combat low libido, dryness, decreased energy and orgasmic hurdles.

The Jade Egg (aka the best investment into your sexual well-being you’ll ever make!)

A what?

Let’s cut out the spiritual fairy floss and get straight down to it. The Jade Egg is nothing new, in fact, it’s been helping women claim back their sexual power for over 5000 years! It’s stinkingly simple to use, and the benefits are huge!

Natural, smooth and shaped like a small egg, the Jade Egg is inserted comfortably into your vaginal canal (like a tampon). From there, it’s only a matter of some rather nice feeling egg-ercises and you’re on your way to mind-blowing bliss, more pleasure, increased sexual desire and some pretty life changing sexual energy simmering below that sexy skin of yours. Look out fellas!

Benefits Of A Jade Egg Practice

Increased sexual pleasure. Supercharged libido. Magnetic and radiant vitality. Increased connection to your divine body, sensuality, and femininity. Authentic self -love. Healthy sexual organs. Balanced hormones. Plus, much more!

So what’s the deal with Nephrite Jade and why is it so much more expensive than the other Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs are made from all sorts of lovely semi-precious gems. However, Nephrite Jade is the Chanel version, the ultimate champion, the gold medalist of them all. It’s for the goddesses out there who are serious about prioritizing their pleasure and well-being.

(Don’t believe me? Check out other respected jade egg devotees/ teachers and I betcha they all recommend Nephrite Jade as their go to!)

Super tough, strong and dense, this baby will last you a lifetime. It’s harder than steel, will not absorb any harmful impurities and bacteria, is 100% body safe and has the healing capacities of Mother Teresa.

Which is awesome if you have some stuck ex-boyfriend energy going on, suffer from low self-confidence or have past trauma lingering in your body, are navigating menopause or suffer from crampy periods.

The reason why Nephrite jade is more expensive is because it’s harder to source. It is almost impossible to find genuine, high-quality Nephrite Jade. Unfortunately, there are loads of fake ‘nephrite’ jade eggs out there which are cheaper but be warned, they aren’t the real deal. Always ask for proof of authentication!

Nephrite jade eggs are usually very dark in colour. Ranging from dark green to almost black. You should not be able to scratch the surface of a jade egg with a pin. Take your internal health seriously and invest in the highest quality jade egg.

Wondering about a rose quartz egg? Sure they’re cheaper, but they’re also porous ( hello bacteria ) chip easily and usually low-grade quality.


What do you get if you snap up one of these Genuine Nephrite Jade Eggs up today?

1) A beautiful high quality (the highest!) medium, drilled, Nephrite Canadian Jade Egg

2) An instruction booklet + emailed video with cleaning and stringing instructions and egg-ercises to create a great basic practice straight away.

3) An authentication certificate

4) Body safe silk thread to thread your egg

5) A handy dandy little pouch to keep her safe

6) Access to the Jade Egg Sisterhood on facebook so you can get all your questions answered and build your practice. This is seriously an awesome community to be apart of!

Prices in Australian Dollars, however, pay in your local currency at checkout and all the converting will be done for you – which means you just got yourself an extra good deal!! Darn you aussie dollar! 

Shipping from Australia and Europe. 

“I have been using the Jade Egg for a week and already two people have commented that I look radiant and beautiful. I now have a fire in my belly and eagerness to discover more about the power of my sexuality” Bianca 

” Every single woman NEEDS a Jade Egg. Fact.” Jenny 32

” I was able to have my first orgasm after only one week practicing with my Jade Egg!” Tanya 27

” I think my partner loves the benefits of my Jade Egg practice more than me! I’m finally interested in sex again!” Kells 45


Watch: Jade Egg Video 

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